Dynamic business processes, rapid economical changes and expectations from customers, investors and employees for more value add made human resources management, a strategic function to any business entity. It took many years for the evolution from the traditional personnel administration to HRM. Economic slump, workforce redundancy, large scale outsourcing , network and virtual organizations, globalisation of manpower, mergers and acquisitions are some of the new age challenges for HR community, globally.

Today customer is the king and everybody trying to deliver best quality product/services with a competitive price tag and always trying to ensure outstanding customer service.

Ultimately it is a very interesting fact that people are the only lasting competitive advantage for any business. Optimum utilization of human resources through professional HR Practices is the need of the hour. So invest in people for assured ROI

About this initiative

Enriching Business through People and Processes is our vision.

Several years of experience in human resources domain across business veritcals has given immense trust in people and their capabilities and guided to start this freelance initiative, operating with the help of modern virtual office tools.

Started in 2003 with the following objectives

1. To help organizations to achieve consistency in profitability by the evaluation, design, implementation of best fit HR strategies and practices

2. To assist organizations to streamline and automate HR processes

3. To conduct R&D in Human Resources Management and related areas

To help individuals to lead an enriched life by giving need based guidance, counseling and training